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So you want a puppy?

Gosh and they all look so cute, however those little bundles of fluff you fell in love with at first sight, are soon no longer the adorable little fluffy cuties you brought home.

They very quickly grow up, some in to very large lumps, who no longer fit under your arm or on your lap!

As many regulars here know, I have 6 gorgeous canine furries, very single one of them originally a ball of fluff and too cute for words. None of them look as they did when they were babies and ALL of them are totally different even the ones that are related.

It is so important to research the dog that will best suit you, your family, your lifestyle, your home!

Are you better off with a puppy or an adult dog? How will you cope with accidents in the house? Chewed Louboutins’, gnawed skirting boards, not to mention those kitchen cabinets you saved all that time for, there is hair everywhere! On and in everything – These are horror stories but they happen, trust me.

Then you have the personality changes; that cute puppy has turned into a controlling beast who runs the house. He’s great inside but horrendous outside! He used to be friendly now barks at everything!
I can’t let them off the lead because they run off? All that time you have wanted a dog, but it’s just become stressful and no fun?

This can so often many times be the reality 🥺

But good research, understanding the breed and fitting it to you, not just because it looks cool or cute can really help to stave off those problems from the early onset.

For example our Northern Inuits are gorgeous looking dogs, they’ve been made popular by Game Of Thrones, but they are not novice dogs, they take a great deal of patience, training and compared to many other breeds take a great deal of time to mature. – believe me I have two!!

Collies are wonderful, popular dogs, they also end up in dogs home regularly because they can be hyper, noisy and anxious and neurotic and like all intelligent working dogs they need mental stimulation and plenty of exercise to be healthy, happy members of the family.

Most dogs do not like being left for hours on their own, and will become destructive, depressed and anxious if left.

To have a happy hound house, information is key! It prevents a lot of heartache for both yourselves and your future dog!

Here at Muttleys we offer a service to help you make the right choices for you, your family and your lifestyle, which can incorporate helping you choose the puppy from the start to ongoing puppy training.

Happy hound, 🐶, happy family, happy house 🏠

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